Who We Are

Who is MEP Events Nola

MEP Events Nola is a trusted platform connecting its highly-engaged community of over 1M people with top wedding properties and world-renowned industry professionals. Founded in 2010, MEP Events Nola enables forward-thinking businesses benefiting from the massive, annual revenue stream of weddings to unlock new opportunities and customers. MEP Events Nola is a subsidiary, the first purpose-built revenue optimization platform for hospitality groups and their portfolios of properties.


At MEP Events Nola, Celebrating Love For All is A Core Part of Our Mission.

We believe diversity, equity and inclusion is essential to the future growth of our company. From team hiring to technology development to internal structures, woven into each function as we scale.

Today, we have a zero-tolerance non-discrimination policy, and pride ourselves on building a trusted platform that is a safe and loving space within the events industry and community at large. We want everyone to feel both represented and respected, and if you experience discrimination of any kind, please email [email protected] with the subject line “Nondiscrimination Policy,” so we can immediately investigate and take appropriate measures.


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